Play The Background

You won’t find me under the spotlight.
You won’t find me trying to play the lead all night.
I’m not the main attraction,
But that’s alright.

I’m just an extra, I was never born to play the lead.
While others reap the rewards, I was just meant to sow the seeds.
I was never meant to be part of the show. I was only mean’t to show you to your seats.

I won’t try to seek the limelight.
But I wouldn’t mind a taste of the lead role just for one night.
Take the centre-stage of your heart,
Before my Fairy God Mother takes it all away at midnight.

God gave me a role to play in life.
The least I can do is try to play it right.
Just like how a cat was never meant to bark,
Silly me was never meant to take the leading part.

So if I ever don’t get a standing ovation,
Or be included in the after-show conversations,
I’ll be fine because I’ve served my purpose.

…that is… Play The Background…


2 thoughts on “Play The Background

Add yours

    1. True! But sometimes the background is just as equivalent as a non-existent role. While some people can light up a room and grab everyone’s attention and admiration as soon as they walk in, some of us go unnoticed like those extras you see in movies. Noone cares about them. They just serve one purpose and that’s be in the background. Happy endings are only meant for the lead characters I guess and not everyone is destined to play the lead… (even in their own lives)…. I guess…


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