Do you dare expose yourself?
Creep out of the shadows and show yourself.
Expose your flaws to the world right after you intro yourself.
Only to look into a mirror and find out you don’t even know yourself.

Standing on the world stage for all to see.
Exposing your flaws and confessing your sins.
Admitting to all your wrongs even if it means execution by a social guillotine.

Late nights in the gym trying to make up for the emotional weakness.
But what’s the point of being able to lift heavy weights when you can’t even deal with the burden of mental sickness
Thought you were exceptional only to find out you’re a victim of mental¬†illness
Was told to man up and never show weakness.
At this rate, my death is something I’m about to witness

So If I looked you in the eyes and came out clean,
And stood there naked exposing my inner thoughts and dreams.
Would you take some clothes and cloth me?
Or like everybody else, would your run from me
And act like you don’t know me?


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