The Dark Side of The Moon

Gazing at you from earth, the whole world seems to admire you. They stand in amazement and watch you in awe as you illuminate the night sky. They love the perfection in you and the little rays of light you emit that resemble hope during the darkest of nights.

Unfortunately, every coin has a flip side. Just like the Dark Side of The Moon (a side of the moon that never faces the earth), you too have a side you never reveal to the world. A secret side that is always concealed. A secret side that can change the way people perceive you.

We all have such a side. We keep it hidden and only show the world our good qualities. Like a TV commercial promoting a product or brand, we always omit our flaws. We only advertise that which makes us look good. You tell your crush all the wonderful things about yourself. You try to impress them with the kind of car you drive, your occupation, the type of house you live in, your funny jokes, your beautiful smile etc. Under no circumstances do you reveal the negatives. Maybe you’re a control freak. Or maybe you’re a womanizer. Maybe you’re a jerk. You tell your potential employer everything they want to hear. You fill your résumé with adjectives like “Hardworker”, “Broad-minded” &”Versatile” and yet you omit the fact that the reason you are applying for this job is not because you’re seeking greater opportunities but rather because you got fired from your last job due to your incompetence.

What You See Is not always What You Get


Is it not deception when we selectively choose what to reveal about ourselves? Do our friends, family or spouses not deserve to know about our shortcomings, blemishes and monstrosities? You may think, “They don’t need to know about my dark side because they never asked to see it.” Fair enough! However they never asked to see your good side either. When you came into contact with them, you made a conscious decision to show your good qualities and conceal the bad thus making you a liar.

It is because of this concealed Dark Side of your Moon that we often hear:

“My husband punched me. All these years I never knew he was capable of such monstrosity” or

“She was my bestfriend until…….” or

“How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me” or

“I trusted my uncle but he went on to rape me.” or

“There’s no way Michael could have touched those kids. Its a lie!” or

“Bill Cosby is a saint. Those women are lying. He’s been framed!” or

“…………….. backstabbed…………” or

“Not my son. Johnny wouldn’t do that.”

Had you known in advance that your husband had the potential to become a wife-beater would you have married him? Had you known in advance that your girlfriend wasn’t the faithful type would you have dated her? Had you known in advance that your BFF is the type to sleep with your boyfriend would you have befriended her in the first place? Had you known in advance that this employee is literally the antonym of a hard worker would you have hired him/her?

The Dark Side: People will only tell you what they want you to know

I’m not saying the dark side we conceal is what makes our true colors. However, our bad qualities are just as important as our good qualities. Before we marry, employ, love, befriend, represent or trust each other, we need to be honest with each other. Lets all lay our cards on the table. That way, when you decide to take off the Beauty mask, no one will run away from the Beast within.

The next time you meet a person, don’t be quick to trust, admire, adore or glorify. Think of every admirable friend, relative, spouse, co-worker or celebrity as a moon. Light up your world they will, but remember: Every Celestial body orbiting around your world has a Dark Side you can’t see.

Two-faced moon? The side facing the earth (left image) is very different from the side facing away from the earth (right image). Credits:








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