Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

It is no secret that our brains are wired to look down on women. From the light-hearted “Women can’t drive” jokes to the strict “No female alter servers” rule in some churches, we can’t deny that everything in this world is designed to benefit and uplift men alone. In most African cultures, men are treated like gods while women are mere objects. Women aren’t even allowed to speak their minds. This is not only in Africa. Of the 193 countries recognized by the United Nations, only 6.3% of those have a woman as a President or Queen.

Misogyny is real! We just simply refuse to acknowledge it. Most men believe they are superior to women while most women are brainwashed to believe they are inferior to men.  It’s what we are subconsciously taught by society as we grow up. Sexism towards women has become so common we don’t even notice it anymore.

Our Double standards

Male promiscuity is a result of a lack of respect for women. In society, a man is regarded “cool” if he sleeps around with several women. If a woman does the same, society often looks down upon on her and labels her as a loose person with no morals.

Our Music

Our music degrades women. Hip hop is filled with misogynistic lyrics that objectify women in addition to calling them the B-word among many other derogatory terms. We see nothing wrong with this as we recite these lyrics and heap praises on the artists/song writers as we refer to them “artistic geniuses”. Artistic genius my foot! The music videos are always filled with scantily dressed women whom are clearly paraded as objects as they form part of their array of material things (i.e. cars, mansions, money) used to show off their wealth. It gets worse when female musicians embrace this as well and actually believe that they need to be half naked in their own videos in order to sell records.

Credits: http://rebloggy.com/post/hip-hop-rap-racism-sexism-black-women-male-privilege-woc-rap-music-women-of-colo/73136567999

Our Mindset

As a guy, you might say to yourself, “I don’t beat, cheat, degrade or disrespect women. Therefore, I can’t be misogynistic.” Wrong! To a small extent, you could be without even knowing it. If I may ask, “Who does most of the cooking and cleaning around your house between your wife/girl /sister/mom and yourself?” If its the former, why is that? Is it because she’s a woman? If a woman says she can drive better than you, beat you at a game of FIFA/Chess, or can chug a whole bottle of beer faster than you and your first reaction is to laugh out loud and say, “Yeah Right!” then you my friend are sexist without even knowing it.

Congratulations. You played yourself! You’re sexist and you don’t even know it.

Our Religion

As a Christian, I always come across fellow Christians who always quote the bible out of context to try and justify their belief that women should be submissive to men. They believe women were sent to be servants of men. Ephesians 5:25 reads, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.” The keywords there are, “…as Christ also LOVED the church, and GAVE HIMSELF FOR IT.” Can we honestly say we love our women as Christ commanded when we all we do is assault, rape, objectify, cheat and ignore all the injustice towards women? Are we giving up ourselves for our wives/girlfriends when we are busy hopping from bed to bed behind their backs? Women are a gift from God and you do not disrespect God by destroying or mistreating that which He gave you. We need to cherish this gift. We need to love women as we love ourselves.

Our Relationships

In almost every abusive relationship, the woman is always the victim. In almost every break up, its always the woman that comes out hurt the most. When a woman is the victim in a relationship, society always forces the woman to stay in that abusive relationship by whispering in her ear, “Stay strong. It’s part of being a woman.” I’ve come across many scenarios where a woman is forced to stay in an abusive relationship or is forced to stay married to a cheating husband. On the other hand, if the woman cheats, the rules somehow change. She is kicked out of the house, physically assaulted (sometimes) and society makes it a point to broadcast her infidelity so everyone can publicly shame her. In some instances, women convince themselves to stay in an abusive relationship because they believe they can’t make it out there in the world alone. To such women I say, “It is already scientifically proven that women are smarter than men. The hardships you go through as a result of being a woman are a testament of your strength and mental capacity. Therefore there’s nothing you can’t do in this world as long as you eradicate that mindset of inferiority. You don’t need a man!”

I wish a lifetime of misfortune on any man who makes a woman cry.

Frankly, I get agitated when I see fellow men making statements like these: “Monogamy is stupid. – Akon. Well Mr Akon, I think you’re stupid. I know Akon is entitled to his own opinion which is fine with me. My problem arises when he justifies how men should have multiple women but shuns the idea of women having multiple men. Why is it ok for a man to have multiple girlfriends and not the reverse? If he supports polygamy, let it apply to both sexes. It is these double standards that clearly show our lack of respect for women.

When we rape women, this is what we are actually saying: “I’m a man. You’re a woman. Therefore I can do whatever I want with you against your own will because what you want doesn’t matter.”

When we cheat on our women or practice  polygamy, this is what we are actually saying: “You’re nothing but objects to me. I can have as many of you as I want.”

When we physically assault women, this is what we are actually saying: “I don’t love you! You’re not human being therefore I can treat you like a dog.”

When we go against the idea of having female leaders, this is what we are actually saying: “Your opinion doesn’t count and neither do we care about your needs. You know nothing. This is a man’s job. Sit down!”

We take pride in calling ourselves men. We act as if being a man is hard work. We think we are some righteous gods and yet our own behavior and treatment of women is despicable. We claim we deserve to rule the world simply because we are men but in our reign, we selfishly bend/change the rules for our own self-gratification. As men, we are simply nothing but selfish cowards. I have nothing but love for all the women in the world. I can’t imagine what you go through on a daily basis as a result of being a woman in a male dominated environment. I sympathize with every woman in this world because as a man, I know I can’t walk a mile in your shoes.

“It’s hard being a man. Its next to impossible being a woman.”

– A Million Thoughts & A Heart



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