The Feeling ain’t Fair.

Ever had a hard time getting over someone? It could be an ex or a crush. They don’t care about you but you find yourself caring about them. They don’t love you but you find yourself in love with them. They hardly think about you but you constantly have them on your mind. You know you need to let go but you can’t seem to shake off your feelings towards them.

Deep down you know you can’t blame them for not having any feelings towards you. You’re left with no choice but to move on. You try so hard to forget about them but thanks to your Abusive Brain, you just can’t. You tell yourself you’re over him/her but then those feelings resurface again the very next day. Soon you realize that these feelings aren’t disposables you can easily throw away.


You start to get angry! Not because of the fact that they don’t love you back but rather because you can’t get over them. You feel trapped. You feel the chains of your feelings towards him/her enslave you. You never asked for this. You never chose to love this person. It just happened. You involuntarily fell for their intelligence, beauty, kindness, uniqueness, smile, background and everything else about them. Now you have to pay the consequences of loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

To be honest, I don’t know how I can clearly describe this feeling to anyone reading this. All I can tell you is that The Feeling Ain’t Fair!


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  1. Awesome post buddy. It’s the worst feeling. You care for the person but still can’t tell them.. Getting over the person you love is really hard. But I am glad I am over her now.. I hope you too will get over this phase of your life and be happy again😊😊

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