Tell Me.

We were just 2 random people sitting side by side in a bus. We barely knew each other. Thanks to my shyness and lack of social skills, I never bothered to make conversation with you. I saw your face glow like the stars as your smile illuminated the night and I thought to myself, “Hmm. All is well with her.” Little did I know that behind that beautiful smile lay a troubled heart.

How did I miss this? I take pride in the fact that I am a punctilious person. I notice everything. Even the hidden stuff! Especially the hidden stuff!! But how did I not see the agony in your eyes. I sat next to you on this journey for over 12 hours and not one time did I suspect that something was wrong. You hid your emotional scars so well.

I know I’m nothing but a stranger to you and you’re not entitled to telling me anything but I’d be damned If you died on my watch. People would say to me, “She died while sitting next to you. Could you not see that she was not well? How come you never said anything? She suffered and you did nothing.”

Fate brought me on this seat right next to you. Maybe fate wanted you to share your burdens with me. Maybe fate wanted me to lessen the load of that which weighs heavily on your heart. Maybe fate brought me right next to you so I can help you overcome that which seems insurmountable. If my sole purpose in life led me to this very moment and assigned me with a task to be nothing but a friend that helps you whenever you’re in need then I will do just that. All you need to do is Tell Me.

I’ll listen…


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