How you cheated on her without even realizing it.

So you think you’re a nice guy huh? You think just because you never cheated on your girlfriend you deserve the “Boyfriend of the year” Award? Think again. You probably cheat on your girl (repeatedly) without even knowing it. Here’s how:

You choose to spend most of your free time with your mates instead of her. I’m not even going to explain this one. If you find yourself looking forward to a hangout session with the squad than you do to a lunch date with her then I don’t know what’s wrong with you. You need an exorcism!

She talks to you while you are doing something else (like play your stupid game or watch football). The fact that she wants to share the events of her exhausting day with you means it is important to her so show some respect. It doesn’t matter if you can multitask. We don’t care if you can shoot enemies in Call of Duty and grasp every word she says simultaneously. She deserves nothing less than your full attention. The least you can do is switch off that Xbox/laptop/phone, look her in the eye and listen. That’s all. Just listen.

She always has to ask if she can spend some time with you. You never make any plans for the two of you. She always has to take the initiative.

You sacrifice your time with her so you can work. Yes! Even “Sorry. Gotta work” is not a good enough excuse. I know work pays the bills but don’t lose that rare precious diamond while trying to pick up a pebble.

You don’t *insert verb here* like you used to. For example, when you started dating you used to text her all day every day. You used to surprise her with lunch at her workplace once in a while. You never used to wait for a special occasion in order to buy her a gift. Three months into the relationship and you’ve stopped doing all that. No more “Good morning” messages. No more surprise visits. No more cooking for her. This is cheating! You pretended to be this thoughtful, loving, fun person full of surprises that is always there for her. You put up this false act so she can fall in love with you. Now that you have won her heart and she’s your girlfriend you stop trying. It’s like false advertising (which is illegal for a reason by the way). How would you feel if you bought a gadget and only realized that it doesn’t even have half the features it claims it has the moment you get home and take it out of the package? Stop selling dreams!

Still think you deserve that “Boyfriend of the year” Award??? Not so much…

The honest truth is men can be jerks. Half of the time we don’t even notice that we’re involuntarily being jerks (which in turn makes us even bigger jerks). It’s not too late to change though.  So put your cheating ways behind you, put on that superhero cape and be that Superman that she needs you to be…..…………. (miss us with the spandex though)…



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