Dear whoever is listening, May I please have one chance?

Are we to blame for our own misfortunes? Why is the next person more successful or happier than I am? Is it because they simply work harder than I do? Are we poor simply because we aren’t as intelligent or hardworking as the rich? Are most of us men single because we don’t have “Game”? Why does he get the girl and I don’t? Are we stuck doing the same job over and over again for years because we have no ambition?



I’ve come to realize that life is all about chances. That rich young guy driving a Range Rover is more successful than I am not because he is more intelligent than I and neither is it because he works harder than I. He was just lucky that someone was willing to give him a chance. Someone gave him the resources.

For example, lets take a vendor selling oranges for a living by the street corner. Is he/she poor because he/she never worked hard in school or wasn’t smart enough? Chances are this vendor never got the chance to get an education. Some of these guys were probably the brightest students in their class. But thanks to circumstances such as parents not being able to pay for his/her tuition they probably had to drop out of school. On the other hand take a person like me. Unlike this unfortunate vendor I was given a chance. When mom couldn’t afford to pay for my tuition, my uncles and aunts chipped in. Yes this was the chance I was given. If it wasn’t for that…. Well… who knows what I’d be doing for a living right now. Now does this make me better than this vendor? Does it give me the right to boast? Is it fair for this vendor to live the rest of his/her life believing that he/she is a failure all because noone gave him/her chance?

Similarly, you’re in your mid 20s and working a decent job. Doesn’t pay much but at least its something. You’re looking at other people your age driving Mercs, living in fancy apartments and hosting the most glamorous parties. You start feeling like a failure. You feel like you must be doing something wrong in life. You curse yourself for lacking ambition. But is it really ambition you are lacking? Or is it just that the opportunities never came your way? What you need to understand is that this does not make you a failure neither does it make those other people better than you. Some of them were just fortunate to be given opportunities. Rich dad maybe gave him/her start up money. Business investor was willing to give him/her a chance. Maybe someone gave them some land. Bank maybe gave them a loan (but won’t give you a loan #Corruption). Maybe they were just lucky to work at a company that pays more. Maybe the HR of a certain company happens to be a family friend that hooked them up with a good job. It’s all opportunities.

Then there’s that odd couple. A beautiful girl and a not so amazing guy. We all ask ourselves, “What does she see in him? Why did she settle? Surely she can do waaayyy better.” Chances are that dude never stood a chance in the beginning with that girl. However by some miracle, the girl gave the guy a chance and through that she soon discovered how perfect he was for her. All it took was one chance for this Beast to win over this Beauty. Without that chance, they would have never been.

Chances are everything. No matter how skilled, smart or wise you are, you will never elevate to the next level if other people aren’t willing to give you a chance. The fact that your level of success is determined by the generosity of others is scary considering we live in a selfish world.

If we all started life with equal opportunities/resources and on a level playing field then we would be solely responsible for our failures.

So I need that business tycoon to take a second to read my proposal and give me a chance.

I need that one girl I have crush on to pull her defences down and give me a chance so I can prove myself.

I need those people who think I’m not worthy to be *insert desire here* to give me a chance.

I might be too young for that managerial position but I need my boss to take a giant leap of faith and give me a chance.

I need all the loud mouths in the room to keep quiet and give me a chance to express myself.

I need people to stop looking down on me and give me a chance to prove my worth.

I need ALL OF YOU people to give me a chance. If not, you might as well point a gun to my head and pull the trigger… because if you don’t give me a chance I’m as good as dead.


Are you going to watch me drown or are you going to give me chance?

What’s life without chances/opportunities?


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