Send Me Away

Dear Lord, Do You love it when I cry? Do You find it funny when I'm lying on the floor wishing I could die? Do You even pay attention when I pray every night? How many more back-stabbings do you think I can take? How many more heart-breaks do you think I can take? I... Continue Reading →

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Not Good Enough

You want to know how you make me feel? Like I'm not good enough. I lost myself trying to please you. But I guess that just wasn't good enough. Can you look me in the eye and tell me if I'll ever be good enough? On second thought, Nevermind! I could catch a grenade &... Continue Reading →

If I Had What You Have

If I had what you have, I'd never let a river of tears roll down her face like you do. If I had what you have, I'd never let my actions be the source of her pain like you do. If I had what you have, I'd never take her for granted like you do.... Continue Reading →

I Never Asked For This (Part I)

I never asked to be born poor but you discriminated me as if it were my fault. You made me feel inferior all because my parents earned far less than yours. Your feelings of superiority over people like me surprise me because..... this money that sets you & me apart..... you act like it's something... Continue Reading →

Call this whatever you want…

Nobody wants to get real though. 40% Alcohol, treating life like a drinking joke. We're all concerned about the snaps, hashtags, memes & videos. But if I open up and talk about the real stuff, I'm considered a weirdo. So what do you want me to do? Pretend everything is fine? Snapchatting my fake life... Continue Reading →

Like The Last

Here we go again. They enter into your life like the last. Capture your heart like the last. They charm their way into your mind like the last. And become the sole occupant of your heart like the last They chase you like the last They say they will never leave you like the last.... Continue Reading →

Stuck in Silence

One night, we shared all our secrets. I told her everything from the small ones to the deepest. The only problem is I left out one secret. A secret I couldn't let her witness. A secret that would amplify my weakness. A secret that often made me feel like a social reject: My ongoing battle... Continue Reading →

3am Death Wish

Let the sound of my heartbeat turn into utter silence and let the emotional pain fade along with it. Let the Grim Reaper pay my home a visit and take all my burdens with him. Let the Lord have mercy on my soul and forgive me. For I know suicide is a sin but my... Continue Reading →

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