Send Me Away

Dear Lord, Do You love it when I cry? Do You find it funny when I'm lying on the floor wishing I could die? Do You even pay attention when I pray every night? How many more back-stabbings do you think I can take? How many more heart-breaks do you think I can take? I... Continue Reading →

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Random Feels

I wish you could feel how I feel.I wish you could feel how it feels to be me.To feel like you need to break free.But fail to set free the words that describe how you feel. I wish I had a dad like Uncle Phil.But instead my dad chose to play dead. That's a void... Continue Reading →

Offer Letter

Hey buddy I know you think about me. I know when you close your eyes you even dream about me. You seek Happiness coz you know you can’t live without it. But if Happiness doesn't want you I can help you find a way around it. I know everyone says I am not the answer.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let Them….

Don’t let them see you cry. Don't let them see you die. Don’t let them get the satisfaction of knowing that they crushed your soul and everything that resides inside.

…The Most

The ones you love are the ones who will hurt you the most. And the ones you trust are the ones who will backstab you the most. Can’t hold my emotions in when I’m going through the most. But my biggest mistake was thinking you were different from most.

When Tears Became Oceans

I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of an ocean of my tears. And in this ocean inhabits my depression and all my fears. My tears aren’t transparent that’s why my life is never crystal clear. That’s why this ocean is pitch black & why I can never tell the difference between a shark... Continue Reading →

Don’t Take It Away

Hey God. It's me again. I've got no one to turn to so I thought I'd give you a ring again. Last time we talked I asked you to Send Me Away. I know that was wrong but it's really hard for me to not feel this way. I can't wait to hear what You... Continue Reading →

When You Die I won’t cry

I'm 28 now and to be honest it still bugs me. Like why wouldn't you want me? Like why wouldn't you love me? It really hurts today when people reject me. But then again, why would they accept me? If my own flesh & blood chose to desert me? I understand you & mom had... Continue Reading →

Not Good Enough

You want to know how you make me feel? Like I'm not good enough. I lost myself trying to please you. But I guess that just wasn't good enough. Can you look me in the eye and tell me if I'll ever be good enough? On second thought, Nevermind! I could catch a grenade &... Continue Reading →

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