Like The Last

Here we go again. They enter into your life like the last. Capture your heart like the last. They charm their way into your mind like the last. And become the sole occupant of your heart like the last They chase you like the last They say they will never leave you like the last.... Continue Reading →


Stuck in Silence

One night, we shared all our secrets. I told her everything from the small ones to the deepest. The only problem is I left out one secret. A secret I couldn't let her witness. A secret that would amplify my weakness. A secret that often made me feel like a social reject: My ongoing battle... Continue Reading →

3am Death Wish

Let the sound of my heartbeat turn into utter silence and let the emotional pain fade along with it. Let the Grim Reaper pay my home a visit and take all my burdens with him. Let the Lord have mercy on my soul and forgive me. For I know suicide is a sin but my... Continue Reading →

For Who? For You!

While you were in that surgery, I was on my knees praying for you. Worried sick, I was crying for you. Even though I couldn't keep going, I kept on trying for you. I shared your pain, I was dying for you. But because I loved you, I kept smiling for you. Until the day... Continue Reading →


Do you dare expose yourself? Creep out of the shadows and show yourself. Expose your flaws to the world right after you intro yourself. Only to look into a mirror and find out you don't even know yourself. Standing on the world stage for all to see. Exposing your flaws and confessing your sins. Admitting... Continue Reading →

Play The Background

You won't find me under the spotlight. You won't find me trying to play the lead all night. I'm not the main attraction, But that's alright. I'm just an extra, I was never born to play the lead. While others reap the rewards, I was just meant to sow the seeds. I was never meant... Continue Reading →

Therapy Session

Disclaimer: It took a lot of guts for me to post this so please don't judge. If you've been following my blog, by now, you must be getting sick of the melancholic, dark and "whiny" posts I always make. The truth is I write about how I feel and to be honest I don't feel... Continue Reading →


I can feel their strings pulling on me, Trying to control every move I make. With each forced movement, I'm left wondering who really owns this life that I have? Is it I? Or is it my parents? What's the point of life if I cant experience my own life lessons? Am I even allowed to ask... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry

I met an Angel a while ago. She found me secluded in a dark place all alone. In my dark heart, her light she shone. And ever since then, she was always there for me even when everyone else was gone. But then one night my heart grew cold like the winter season. I put... Continue Reading →

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