A Million Thoughts & a Heart

What happens when a million thoughts have to share a single heart?


Do you dare expose yourself? Creep out of the shadows and show yourself. Expose your flaws to the world right after you intro yourself. Only to look into a mirror and find out you don't even know yourself. Standing on... Continue Reading →

Play The Background

You won't find me under the spotlight. You won't find me trying to play the lead all night. I'm not the main attraction, But that's alright. I'm just an extra, I was never born to play the lead. While others... Continue Reading →

Therapy Session

Disclaimer: It took a lot of guts for me to post this so please don't judge. If you've been following my blog, by now, you must be getting sick of the melancholic, dark and "whiny" posts I always make. The... Continue Reading →


I can feel their strings pulling on me, Trying to control every move I make. With each forced movement, I'm left wondering who really owns this life that I have? Is it I? Or is it my parents? What's the point of... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry

I met an Angel a while ago. She found me secluded in a dark place all alone. In my dark heart, her light she shone. And ever since then, she was always there for me even when everyone else was... Continue Reading →

Whispers From The Past

Despite his numerous attempts to hide his emotions, I could still see the disappointment in his eyes. We had been conversing for 5 minutes. 5 minutes! That's all it took for me to wipe the smile off his face and send... Continue Reading →

Midnight Thoughts That Never Count

I've got blood in my eyes, A broken heart in my chest. A million thoughts on my mind, And a troubled soul in my flesh. I see no one I can call a friend. I stretch out my bleeding hands,... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of The Moon

Gazing at you from earth, the whole world seems to admire you. They stand in amazement and watch you in awe as you illuminate the night sky. They love the perfection in you and the little rays of light you emit that... Continue Reading →

Behind My Back

Do you ever wonder what people say about you behind your back? Is it good or is it bad? When you leave the room, do they yearn to have you back? Or does your absence make them glad? 2016 taught... Continue Reading →

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